Assistant Principal

The Details

Santa Fe South

Oklahoma City, OK
Posted on:
April 9, 2019
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description


Reports To: Building Principal

Department: School Site

Contract Time: 210 days


Position Summary: The Assistant Principal assists the Principal in carrying out assigned duties and responsibilities related to the day-to-day supervision, management and educational leadership at the school site. The AssistantPrincipal must be ready to assume responsibility delegated by the Principal fora number of important tasks related to the effective and efficient operation of the school. The Assistant Principal will be responsible for the supervision and performance evaluation of building personnel as directed by the Principal.  Please apply at



Oklahoma State Department of Education Administrator Certificate for the appropriate level.

Demonstrated capacity for leadership

Three (3) successful years of teaching experience or equivalent experience

Satisfy all state requirements to execute the teacher performance evaluation.

Computer skills including Microsoft Office, Internet, and e-mail

The Board of Education and Superintendent may approve alternatives to the listed qualifications.

SUPERVISES: Building personnel as directed by the Principal




1. Assists in organizing, coordinating and conducting the pre-enrollment of students and developing the master schedule.

2. Supervises student discipline procedures, student attendance, academic eligibility and ensures adequate supervision of student activities

3. Utilizes a variety of discipline alternatives aligned with theStudent Code of Conduct in solving student related problems, working with staff to develop and communicate defined standards of conduct which encourage positive and productive behavior.

4. Provides leadership in developing and implementing new or revised programs.

5. Provides supervision and performance appraisal to teaching faculty and support staff.

6. Implements and supervises required safety drills and the function of the Safe School Committee, working in cooperation with the safe-school committee to ensure safety of students and staff in school buildings and on the school campus.

7. Supervises and counsels with building staff regarding teaching and learning resources, staff development programs and events, parent meetings, student assemblies, and other student activities.

8. Supervises the orientation of new teachers, intern teachers and students new to the building.

9. Represents the Principal in the absence of the Principal.

10. Performs other tasks or services consistent with the duties defined in the position summary.