Dean of Students

The Details

Collegiate Hall

Tulsa, OK
Posted on:
October 4, 2018
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description

Position Summary

The Dean of Students will be the primary person responsible for the oversight of non-academic concerns regarding students and be responsible for ensuring Collegiate Hall has a positive, values-driven student culture. S/he will serve as the interface between the school and students ’homes, will coordinate all teachers in his/her grade to effectively support students, and ensure consistent and timely communication between teachers, parents, and students. The Dean of Students will be responsible for student discipline, parent engagement, connecting the school and families with relevant outside resources, and oversight and/or coordination of family and student events outside of the regular academic program.


  • Strong commitment to and alignment with school’s mission and core beliefs.
  • Experience in leadership and management of both adults and students.
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s or Advanced Degree preferred.
  • Ability to assess data, find trends, and use information to make strategic decisions.
  • Knowledge of or experience in education and/or mentoring of urban youth.
  • Knowledge of or experience in supplemental services available to students and families.
  • Commitment to holding students to high behavioral standards that will support their academic achievement.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task.
  • Ability to approach situations with courage, integrity, respect and perseverance, willingness to take personal responsibility, open to and interested in feedback on performance, eagerness to continue to improve in effectiveness, and steady determination to pursue excellence regardless of the situation.


  • Embody and teach to the mission, vision, and strategic direction of the school.
  • Oversee and execute paycheck system to monitor behavior, attendance, and homework completion of all students.
  • Design and implement programs that promote positive student behavior, and that motivate students to exhibit the leadership values of the school.
  • Maintain school culture calendar and send updates frequently to inform staff of upcoming programs, activities, and events.
  • Assist in the design and implementation of an advisory system that empowers and encourages a strong parent-teacher-student partnership and that results in student academic and character growth.
  • Identify root causes and create support systems for students and families that require additional support to find success at Collegiate Hall.
  • Ensure alignment across the team grounded in the student code of conduct.
  • Analyze behavioral data monthly and provide to teachers and staff to implement new programs to encourage positive behavior.
  • Communicate with teachers and staff daily in the form of the “Morning Huddle” to keep them updated on behavior and school programs/events.
  • Monitor student accumulation of Paycheck Dollars ensuring that students receive the proper rewards and consequences they have earned.
  • Serve as primary contact between outside organizations and Collegiate Hall to provide additional services to families (counseling, food insecurity, vaccinations, etc.)
  • Serve as primary contact concerning behavioral issues on bus, in the community, etc.
  • Communicate regularly with families concerning the behavioral challenges of students, communicating ways in which these challenges may be overcome.
  • Maintain extremely accurate student discipline records, documenting all conferences, suspensions, and calls home for behavior.
  • Oversee and schedule beginning-of-the-year parent orientation with Head of School.
  • Mediate conflicts between students, and students and teachers.
  • Collaborate with Head of School concerning student discipline.
  • Oversee and assist with extension.
  • Oversee the Collegiate Hall Store and Auctions throughout the year and update operations staff of needed materials.
  • Develop community relationships and partnerships to support the mission of the school and coordinate student programs associated with these partnerships.
  • Serve as primary contact between local colleges and school in developing enrichment programs and school programs.
  • Coordinate and oversee all volunteer efforts at the school.
  • Plan and carry out morning community meeting.
  • Oversee the athletic program and serve as primary contact for external coaches.
  • Lead summer professional development sessions aimed at strengthening and implementing the school’s core values.
  • Plan Student Orientation to acclimatize new students to school systems and procedures.
  • Work with the Head of School to plan at least three Family Nights (one per trimester) to foster parental involvement.
  • Coordinate the publishing and distribution of the monthly parent and student newsletter.
  • Manage the “Collegiate Hall Culture” budget effectively and efficiently, and divide funds among school events, programs, activities, and field trips as appropriate.