Director of Preparatory School (Middle School)

The Details

Collegiate Hall

Tulsa, OK
Posted on:
March 2, 2021
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description

Position Summary

The Director of Preparatory School provides leadership, management, and supervisory skills that promote the academic and social-emotional learning for all students. They lead others and stand for the values of Collegiate Hall that help develop globally-competent citizens. They provide a clear vision, inspiration, energy, and insight for all stakeholders in an enlightening and high-functioning school community. They are focused on creating a strong learning environment and making data-driven decisions.  They are attentive to details, the change process, project planning, accountability, conflict resolution, team building, and maintaining a well-organized school.  They will be the primary person responsible for the oversight of instructional, cultural, and operational models of the Preparatory School and are responsible for ensuring Collegiate Hall has a positive, values-driven, structured, and safe culture for students and staff. They will serve as the interface between the school and the district regarding academic and social-emotional progress and work with Preparatory School leaders to provide coaching and management.


● Strong commitment to and alignment with school’s mission and core beliefs.

● Experience in behavior and/or SEL support for students.

● Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s or Advanced Degree preferred.

● Ability to assess data, find trends, and use information to make strategic decisions.

● Minimum of 5 years of successful, full-time, lead teaching.

● Minimum of 2 years of experience in school leadership.

● Commitment to high standards that will support the growth and development of staff and students.

● Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

● Strong organizational skills and ability to multitask.

● Ability to approach situations with courage, integrity, respect, and perseverance, willingness to take personal responsibility, open to and interested in feedback on performance, eagerness to continue to improve in effectiveness, and steady determination to pursue excellence regardless of the situation.


Creating a Mission, Vision, and Values-Based Culture Focused on Results:

● Creates and implements a strong vision that leads to student growth and learning for all students.

● Develops a shared vision of rigor and high expectations.

● Ensures vision and mission drive school decisions.

● Conducts crucial conversations based on student performance data for the purpose of enhancing student growth and achievement.

Leading and Managing Systems Change:

● Develops, implements, and monitors outcomes of school improvement plan and student achievement data to improve student learning.

● Creates a safe, clean, orderly learning environment.

● Collaborates with staff to achieve quarterly metrics to goals.

● Utilizes current technologies to support leadership and management functions.

Improving Teaching and Learning

● Works with and engages staff in shared vision for effective teaching and learning by implementing a standards-based curriculum, relevant to student needs and interests, research-based effective practices, academic rigor, and high expectations for student learning in every classroom.

● Reviews instructional practices and creates a continuous improvement cycle.

● Implements data-guided decisions.

● Uses disaggregated data.

● Selects and retains teachers that maximize student learning.

● Evaluates the effectiveness of teaching and holds teachers accountable.

● Ensures professional learning for teachers that enhance student learning.

● Promotes use of technology to enhance student learning.

Building and Maintaining Collaborative Relationships:

● Creates, develops, and sustains relationships that result in active student engagement in the learning process.

● Coaches and manages the Preparatory School leadership team to develop their knowledge and skills to become strong school leaders.

● Utilizes meaningful feedback of students, staff, families, and community in the evaluation of school programs and policies.

● Proactively engages families and communities in support of child’s learning and school learning goals.

● Demonstrates an understanding of the change process.

● Strengthens collaboration with other schools, as well as local, regional, national and international communities.

● Develops professional learning networks within schools, as well as local, regional, national and international communities.

Leading with Integrity and Professionalism:

● Treats all people fairly and with dignity and respect.

● Protects the rights and confidentiality of students and staff.

● Demonstrates personal and professional standards and conduct that enhance the image of the school and the education profession.

● Creates and supports a climate that values, accepts, and understands diversity in culture and point of view.

● Recognizes strengths of diverse populations.

● Creates a culturally-responsive climate.

● Engages in courageous conversations about diversity.

● Expands opportunities for all students to learn from and work with highly-qualified and diverse staff.

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of High Expectations:

● Builds a culture of high aspirations and achievement for every student.

● Requires staff and students to demonstrate consistent values and positive behaviors aligned to the school’s vision and mission.

● Leads a school culture and environment that successfully develops the full range of students’ learning capacities – academic, creative, social-emotional, behavioral, and physical.

● Builds an environment that considers all aspects of wellness: physical, nutrition, health, safety, decisions, and choices, mental as well as physical well-being.