Full Time PK-8 Principal

The Details

Carlton Landing Academy Charter School

Carlton Landing, OK
Posted on:
March 12, 2018
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description

Open 2/16/2018 until filled


  • The Principal, or designee(s), will supervise staff and teachers, as well as coordinate with parents and volunteers.
  • Manage and be accountable for the public funds allocated to the Academy
  • Ensure the Academy is complying with specific requirements for: Teacher Licensure, Student admissions, Charter renewal, Background checks for all employees, Criminal History checks through the SBI for all personnel and board members responsible for fiscal management
  • Formally approve the hiring or dismissal of any teacher or staff member
  • Ensure the Academy is meeting the requirements of its charter in terms of academic performance and the original charter 
  • Ensure that students are learning and meeting academic performance criteria set by your charter, and the Academy is adhering to its State Board Approved Educational Plan