Operations Manager

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Oklahoma City, OK
Posted on:
September 10, 2018
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Full Time

Job Description


Reporting to the Managing Director of School Operations and accountable to the School leader. The (“OM”) is a senior, school-based leadership role that oversees all site-based finance and operations functions necessary to run a high-performing school.  Serves as the eyes and ears of the school to ensure that all school operations run seamlessly each and every day, proactively problem solving and developing systems where needed.  This includes budgeting, purchasing, facilities, food services, transportation, technology, student recruitment, student data, regulatory compliance, human resource administration, manage front office, and academic operations support. The OM serves as an important person to the school’s Leadership Team, ensures that the school’s operations meet high standards of operational excellence, and enables instructional leaders and staff to focus on driving strong student achievement outcomes.  


School Operations Leadership & Operations Team Management

  • In partnership with the School Leader, He/She develops the school-wide operations vision that supports and operationalizes the academic and cultural vision of the school
  • Plays a leadership role in the school’s strategic and annual planning and budgeting process
  • Manages, coaches, and develops school operations team members (including front office staff and vendors) and holds them accountable to goals and outcomes
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for the region, responding to requests and collaborating with teammates across the region to build scalable, region-wide systems, policies, and procedures
  • The Operations Manager is an active, productive member of the school’s leadership team attending team meetings for operation related items.
  • The Operations manager is seen as the non-instructional leader in the school. Teachers and staff trust that they will get the same answer going to the Operations Manager as the School Leader for all non-instructional questions/issues.  

Finance & Purchasing

  • Works closely with the principal to develop the school’s annual budget and actively manages the school budget throughout the year
  • Manages the school purchasing process by establishing clear systems for staff to request items, placing orders with vendors, tracking deliveries, and coding and submitting purchase orders, invoices, and reimbursement requests; approves school purchases under a specific financial threshold
  • Serves as the first school-based point of contact regarding finance and works with Finance Director to ensure financial compliance and reporting
  • Meets with school leader on a weekly basis to review the year-to-date budget to actual performance and annual forecast.
  • Makes budget recommendations (i.e. cuts, additions, re-allocations) to ensure school resources are always well aligned to the school’s academic priorities.
  • Heading into a new school year proactively reaches out to school leader for a planning session, places orders well in advance, and generally does “whatever it takes” to ensure the school is fully stocked and set up for the first day of classes.
  • Establishes a clear system for staff to request items and then works to fulfill all standard requests within the agreed-upon timeframe. Regularly used supplies are identified and replenished without staff request; essential supplies are never missing.  

Facilities & Maintenance

  • Oversees most facilities issues, including custodial, maintenance and repairs, managing staff/vendors, aesthetics, shared space agreements, and campus safety
  • Regularly conducts facilities walkthroughs and liaises with custodial staff/vendors to ensure that the facility looks the best it can
  • Ensures that the main office is neat, organized, welcoming and has all important parent facing materials

Student & Family Services (School Ops; Communications; Field Trips/Events)

  • Oversees all aspects of food service, including quality, managing staff/vendors, meal tracking, compliance, and meal delivery
  • Oversees all aspects of transportation including vendor management, arrival and dismissal procedures, and setting and managing staff duty schedules
  • Owns all logistics (e.g. transportation, lodging, meals, staffing plan, etc.) of all off-site field trips and all on-site special events (Report Card Nights, Performances, Graduation, staff celebrations, etc.)
  • Serves as point person for hosting visitors on school tours
  • Owns logistics of communications and external relations through parent letters, weekly staff notes, surveys, and visitors
  • Oversees all duties, assignments, and activities outside of the regular academic day to include:
  • Before school, after school, Wednesday early release, Friday tutorials, and Saturday school

Technology & Equipment

  • Ensures that students and staff have access to needed technology and works with IT to plan technology-related enhancements
  • Leads the school opening/startup process each year to ensure that doors are ready to open by ordering furniture, equipment, instructional supplies, and ensuring that student services (e.g. food service, transportation) are ready to go
  • Manages the school’s supply and asset inventory (e.g. computers, textbooks)
  • Ideally, the Operations Manager will be able to troubleshoot basic technical problems and provide training or tips to staff on common technology use.
  • Maintain cell phones, laptops, I-pads, & other technology items issued to employees including activation, replacement, and repairs.  
  • Ensure that a school’s copier machines, fax, phones are always in working order, that clear instruction and training for operating this equipment (particularly copy machines) are readily available and that mechanical problems are dealt with immediately when/if they arise.  
  • Ensures that school leaders & staff have access to the technology they need, serving as the liaison to the IT director for technical issues.

Student Information, Testing, and Academic Operations Support

  • Manages systems for and maintains accurate student data and information in compliance with federal, state, regional, KIPP Foundation and school expectations
  • While some coordination with the School Leader / AP and or teaching staff is often required, the Operations Manager will manage the operational logistics of all student test administration (OCCT, MAP and Benchmarks), including ordering materials, scheduling, the distribution of test materials to the classroom,  and depending on the test, the collection and aggregation of test results.  
  • Developing testing Schedules.
  • Assist with testing and proctoring as needed
  • Manages the logistics of report cards/progress reports/transcripts

Student Recruitment & Enrollment

  • Develops and manages student recruitment strategy to ensure that the school begins the academic year with full classes and actively recruits to fill open seats
  • Ensures that parent information sessions, school tours, student lottery and enrollment process are tightly planned and executed

Risk Management, Compliance, and HR Administration

  • Staff code of ethics and conduct
  • Ensure that the school is prepared for emergencies by conducting all drills and training staff on emergency plans
  • Partners with regional HR/recruitment in the new hire process (e.g. interviews, new hire offer letters, onboarding)
  • Ensures that school staff have complete, current, and accurate employee files and certifications; all personnel interacting with students have background checks on file; and schools comply with all areas of legal compliance (e.g. HR, FERPA, etc.)
  • Completes the exit form for terminating employees and partners with the regional human resources team on any action items surrounding the exit logistics
  • Communicates leave needs and critical dates to the human resources team and assists in the facilitation of employee leaves
  • Ensures that school staff has all the information needed in regards to worker’s comp related issues.


  • Fluency in Spanish required
  • Bachelor’s degree required; graduate degree preferred
  • 3 to 7 years of work experience, preferably in education and/or business or operations management
  • Demonstrate management and leadership skills (e.g. at least 2 years managing a team or multiple large projects)
  • Strong project and time management skills; ability to effectively backward plan, juggle multiple priorities with great attention to detail and deliver consistent and timely results
  • Strong strategic and analytical skills with an aptitude for shifting from fire-fighting to systems-building
  • Sense of humility, customer service mindset, and shows urgency and the ability to proactively solve problems and make decisions quickly
  • Team player with strong interpersonal and stakeholder management and relationship building skills
  • Ability to lead, influence, and hold others accountable for upholding high standards of operational excellence
  • High level of comfort with financial oversight and budgetary tracking
  • Ability to be calm under pressure, especially in difficult conversations with parents and staff
  • Excellent organizational, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel
  • Desire to continuously learn and increase effectiveness as a professional
  • Unwavering commitment to KIPP’s mission and willingness to go above and beyond to meet the needs of KIPP students, families, and staff