PreK-8th Grade School Counselor

The Details

John Rex Charter School

Oklahoma City, OK
Posted on:
July 26, 2022
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description

Position Summary:

John Rex Charter School School Counselor

The counselor promotes student success, provides preventive services, and responds to identified student needs by implementing a comprehensive developmental school counseling program that addresses academic and personal/social development of students.

Purpose of Position: Performs skilled/professional-level counseling services to individual, group and classrooms that will enhance each student's self esteem and increase personal growth. In addition, consult with teachers and parents and other health care professionals regarding student needs/well-being. Person in this position will utilize discretion, ingenuity and independent judgment due to the complexity of the job.

Contact with Others: Person in this position has regular contact by telephone, email, or in-person with principals, faculty, staff, parent/guardian, students, and outside agencies. Job requires interpreting and translating facts and information, explaining situations and issues to principals, faculty, staff, parent/guardian, students, and outside agencies.

Other Performance Measures: Knowledge of subject matter; cares for and effectively assists students with special concerns; establishes guidelines for effective counseling objectives; properly monitors student progress (grading, absences, mental/physical health, feedback, etc.) and provides environment to encourage independent thinking challenges for more motivated students; maintains proper discipline in counseling setting.

Contributes to effectiveness/quality of district programs; keeps accurate records and reports; actively supports and looks for ways to improve the quality of communication and service; cooperates with school leadership and school personnel to improve the quality of education; maintains an attitude of constructive/supportive behavioral feedback and input to improve the quality of service within school committees; continues to be involved in personal growth and development.

Essential Job Functions/Performance Responsibilities:

  • Arranges with staff and principals for needs assessment of students for counseling program
  • Conducts in-service with staff members relative to objectives for counseling program
  • Provides individual, small group, and classroom counseling services to students as appropriate. Counseling focusing on self-esteem, anxiety, interactive behavior skills, divorce, death, social media, mental/physical abuse, welfare/health concerns, suicide, drug/alcohol abuse.
  • Consults with and assists teachers, principals, and parents concerning referred/identified students.
  • Implements a referral process and follow up process to outside counseling agencies and

support agencies.

  • Serves as the contact person for the school from referral agencies, parents, and other schools for the distribution and receiving of private information.
  • Coordinates Drug Education Prevention Program
  • Attends workshops, in-services, and conferences that are available for updating of counseling skills.
  • Provides counseling services to students in crisis situations
  • Facilitates the infusion of counseling curriculum activities into classroom curricula to support the developmental needs of students.
  • Provides information to staff and parents to assist them in crises related issues that may affect the school climate.
  • Coordinates parent programs.
  • Adheres to laws, policies, procedures, and ethical standards of the school counseling profession.
  • Collects and reviews evaluative data to ensure a successful counseling program which links the school counseling program to student academic progress.
  • Measures results of the school counseling program activities and shares results as appropriate.
  • Work with the administrators to coordinate crisis intervention procedures.

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