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Collegiate Hall

Tulsa, OK
Posted on:
May 6, 2021
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description

Position Summary

At Collegiate Hall, our school-based operations team exists to “block and tackle” for staff to ensure that they can focus on what matters most each day - teaching and learning. Part architect, part-fine tuner, and all-seeing, the Director of Operations is the operational leader of the organization and reports directly to the CEO. The Director of Operations creates and maintains all crucial non-instructional systems that enable our schools to run like clockwork to create an academic environment in which safety and instruction are top priorities.

Collegiate Hall’s Director of Operations is the business brains behind the school’s healthy existence: s/he is responsible at the school level for facilities planning and maintenance, transportation, technology, community and family relationships, and student enrollment data. A mastermind behind the scenes, the school is better planned, organized, executed, documented, and communicated because of the Director of Operations and his/her leadership of the Operations Team.


● Strong commitment to and alignment with School’s mission and core beliefs.

● Experience in education and in an operations role with success redesigning processes and implementation of plans.

● Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s or Advanced Degree preferred.

● Ability to assess data, find trends, and use information to make strategic decisions.

● Drive to create efficient and effective systems, structures, and procedures, sweating details, and driving towards outcomes.

● Knowledge of or experience in supplemental services available to students and families.

● Commitment to holding students to high behavioral standards that will support their academic achievement.

● Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

● Strong organizational skills and ability to multitask.

● Ability to approach situations with courage, integrity, respect, and perseverance, willingness to take personal responsibility, interested in feedback on performance, eagerness to continue to improve in effectiveness, and steady determination to pursue excellence regardless of the situation.

● Bilingual Spanish and English speaker preferred.


Operational Leadership + Management

● Develop systems and procedures to ensure seamless execution of all school operations each day, including, but not limited to, school food provision, student transportation (arrival and dismissal), emergency plans, facility maintenance and upkeep, and supply and asset inventory and maintenance (technology, books, classroom supplies, etc.).

● Directly manage and coach the Operations Coordinator(s).

● Support the operations team to ensure seamless execution of all operational systems each day, including, but not limited to, food provision, transportation (arrival and dismissal), emergency plans, facility maintenance and upkeep, school decor and beautification,  and supply and asset inventory and maintenance (technology, books, classroom supplies, etc.).

● Support the logistics of school-wide events and off-site events, including field trips, Family Nights, and New Student Orientations.

● Serve as a critical face of the school with external stakeholders, including families, and work actively to ensure strong community buy-in to the school’s vision and approach to education.

● Coordinate efforts with district staff to maintain a clean, neat, and functional campus.

● Coordinate and keep accurate data of staff absences and coverage schedule and rotation.

● Works with District Team to manage and communicate drill expectations and dates to ensure staff and students understand expectations of drills.

● Create and maintain systems and procedures and provide professional development to staff.

● Manage check-out procedures at the end of year for staff members.

Data + Compliance

● Ensure student records are maintained and updated and all data is in compliance.

● Serve as resident expert on and key manager of the district and school-facing student information management systems and ensure accuracy of these systems.

Student Recruitment + Enrollment

● Serve as champion of Collegiate Hall’s mission and vision to build awareness and interest in our program.

● Manage the school registration process and own student recruitment activities (with support of Collegiate Hall’s network team) to ensure schools are fully enrolled.

● Work with the District Team to coordinate and host school and community events to build awareness of Collegiate Hall in our community.

● Lead the school in all year-round student enrollment initiatives and activities including, but not limited to, phone banking, canvassing, visibility campaign planning, community event participation, and strategic social media marketing.

● Work with the District Team to coordinate the student enrollment process and drive enrollment results by converting potential applicants to fully enrolled scholars through phone calls, in-person meetings, and other strategic methods that build family investment in the school and Collegiate Hall model.

● Work with the District Team to plan and host major enrollment milestone events and assist families in completing enrollment paperwork, including, but not limited to, Lottery Events, New Student Orientation, and School Information Sessions.

School Culture + Systems

● Work with the District Team to develop a strong school community and identity by planning and owning the execution of school-wide and off-site events (ex. field trips, Family Nights, Spirit Weeks, school dances, and Parent Involvement Committee meetings), student athletic programs, and extracurricular activities and clubs.

● Work with the District Team to support the implementation of school schedule and systems and procedures to ensure a well-run day.

● Oversee transportation, ensuring accurate transportation of all students on a daily basis and communication of extended day and activities.

● Communicate effectively with bus company to ensure on-time arrivals and departures.

● Manage accurate submission of student attendance, grades, and behavior.

● Ensure rosters and school information systems are updated and data is correctly entered and managed.

● Ensure high-quality visual culture is representative of the school and our values.

● Work with the school operations team to manage logistical elements of major student assessments.

● Work with the District Team to manage ordering, sales, and distribution of uniforms.