Substitute Teachers

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Oklahoma City, OK
Posted on:
December 19, 2019
Job Type:
Part Time

Job Description

KIPP OKC believes that every student deserves a quality education. The adults that are put in front of our students must hold to this belief and act according to it. A substitute teacher is crucial to the operations of our school and to the success of our students. You will work in the classroom of a teacher that is out for the day. Teachers or leadership will provide you with plans for the class. You should have some experience in the classroom and be able to meet the expectations of the school in providing a safe environment for students to learn.

- Reviews the plans and schedule to be followed during the teaching day with the school leader or designated teacher
- Teaches the lessons prepared by the absent teacher
- Reports in writing, on the form provided, the day’s activities at conclusion of each day and provides other feedback as requested by the school leader
- Follows all district policies, rules, and procedures to which regular teachers are subject and which good teaching practice dictates

Student Management:

- Maintains as fully as possible the established routines and procedures of the school and classrooms to which he/she is assigned
- Assumes responsibility for overseeing pupil behavior in class and at other times during the school day as requested
- Maintains appropriate student behavior at all times throughout the school day for assigned students
- Acting upon a commitment to do "whatever it takes" to ensure each student has a positive and safe school experience every day

Required Education, Credentials, & Experience:
-A Bachelor’s degree is required for any long-term substitute working longer than 30 days.
-An Associate’s degree is required for a standard substitute.
-Experience working with children in a school, camp, or child-care setting.