School Resources for COVID-19 Related Closures

Our team wants to provide as much guidance and support as possible to help you prepare for school closures due to COVID-19. To that end, we have compiled resources and have categorized them below. We will also be recording several podcasts in the coming weeks with education and community leaders to discuss various aspects of school closures. Those episodes will be linked below as we publish them.

The State Department of Education has provided multiple resources and guidance on their page, so make sure you review those often as information changes. We have also published a comprehensive (but not overwhelming) guidance document that provides recommendations and best practices on how to begin distance learning with your students.

Parent Guidance

Training Resources for Teachers

  • Learning Keeps Going: Curated strategies, tips and best practices for teaching online.
  • Essential elements for eLearning: Included are one school's videos for teachers on how to use eLearning, an example lesson plan, a virtual lesson, some hyperdocs and an idea of how they are organizing to teach remotely.
  • United We Teach Community of Practice: designed as a global gathering place for educators to support one another, to access ideas and information, to share best practices for teaching online and to provide forums where educators can communicate and interact with each other. It will include discussion forums to connect with others, live chat opportunities for educators and curated free resources for remote learning.

Distance Learning Resources

  • Free apps: Collection of apps from businesses that are offering FREE premium or unlimited access during school closure.
  • Schoology's distance learning readiness kit: Tools you need to take learning online
  • TCEA's remote learning tools for schools
  • Alice Keeler's distance learning with Google Slides
  • Cool Cat Teacher's blog with additional free resources
  • PowerMyLearning Connect: Offers curated learning from a variety of online platforms. K-12 students can access free content in all core subjects and many electives, with the ability to choose standard aligned lessons.
  • Kahn Academy: Free courses of all grade levels to help students master subjects and accelerate their learning. Through these courses, Kahn Academy allows students to personalize their learning and learn at their own pace.  
  • PBS LearningMedia: Provides students with free lesson plans, videos and games aligned with standards they are learning in the classroom.
  • TEDEd: Brings lessons to life for students through animation. TEDEd’s goal is to ignite curiosity among learners. To do this, TEDEd collects the best teacher lessons around the world. Then, it turns them into shareable animated videos for students.
  • BrainPOP: Provides animated interactive lessons, quizzes and games for core subjects and a variety of electives.
  • Lumosity: Offers free brain games to keep student minds actively engaged. For example, the games use problem solving, critical thinking, and memory to keep students on their toes and strengthen their skills.  
  • Duolingo: Helps students keep up with foreign language skills. Duolingo offers 30+ languages so students can start learning a variety of languages that interest them. Or students can use Duolingo to practice the foreign languages they are already learning in the classroom.EVERFI: Offers free supplemental lessons for the whole student in areas of finance, SEL, health, college/career readiness and related topics.
  • Google's educated-related resources for school closings: With school closures, teachers can keep their lessons going remotely.
  • Next Vista For Learning: Resources for emergencies and switching to online learning.
  • OnFire Learning: Offering their LMS and content catalog with courses for grades 6-12 free for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Edmentum Learning: Offering their products for free to schools that are shut down.
  • opportunities: A number of resources for teaching CS when schools are closed, including smartphone & unplugged options and (coming soon) support for teachers who were mid-course. They are also launching what they're calling "weekly Code Break"  for students to learn CS with Hadi Partovi and the team via a live weekly webcast and weekly challenges for students of all abilities.
  • FutureLink Oklahoma: Nepris is providing free access to all virtual Industry Chats on FutureLink Oklahoma through April 30, 2020. These online Chats are available to help prepare students for the future of work. You can find and schedule topics addressing a wide range of curriculum and career clusters in addition to college and career readiness offerings. Teachers and parents alike can sign up to participate in these interactive, online talks to help keep students engaged and do not need a paid account to access. Simply set up a profile to begin.
  • Oklahoma Supplemental Online Course Program: Resources and information from online vendors for districts who are considering virtual options.
  • OETA: OETA is collaborating with the OK State Dept. of Education to provide in-home learning opportunities for students while schools are closed.

Equity Solutions

School Board Resources

  • PDFill Tutorial: How-to guide for using PDFill to merge PDF documents for board agendas and packets

Other Resources

COVID-19 Podcast Episodes