Data Portal

The OPSRC data portal is intended to facilitate constructive conversations about public education in Oklahoma. We know that public education conversations are naturally complex and if anything in this portal sparks confusion or raises concerns, we hope you will contact us to discuss. We view this portal as an evolving site and if there are ways to improve the portal, we welcome this feedback.

Enrollment Data

These interactive graphs allow you to explore the enrollment data statewide by site type, grade level and district. It tells us a lot about the students currently being served in our public schools.

Click here or on the image to explore the data.

An image depicting student enrollment data

Computer Science Data

This visualization shows districts and schools that offer computer science. It is important to look at metrics regarding equity, including offerings for low-income and racially and ethnically diverse student populations.

Click here or on the map to explore the data.

A map of Oklahoma showing which districts have computer science offerings.
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