Designing the Ergo-Dynamic Classroom: The MityBilt Approach


February 21, 2019

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Come for some lunch, and stay to learn how flexible seating can transform student learning!

Who Is MityBilt and what do they do?

For over 25 years, MityBilt has specialized in collaborating with leaders of educational institutions all over North America to help them thoughtfully design and furnish flexible classrooms that empower each student in them to learn in the style that is best for them: teacher-led group and individual instruction, collaborative teamwork, and individual, focused study, all in the same classroom, and all at the same time.

MityBilt is at the forefront of providing professional K-12 educators with the innovative classroom furniture that they need to meet the requirements of present-day educational methodologies.

We firmly believe that it’s not just about how classrooms are furnished as it is also very much about how they are designed, how flexible they are, and how they can support collaboration as well as individual, focused work, all in the same classroom at the same time.


To help every student in every classroom to realize their full potential.

How MityBilt can help you equip and empower your students to ACTIVELY learn in the most effective way possible with all of the changes taking place in the classrooms of today and in the future with our research-based “Ergo-Dynamic Classroom Of The Future” concept

Since the requirements of the school classroom are changing more rapidly than ever before, MityBilt’s response to this is a design and furnishing approach that is solidly based on research that recommends flexible classrooms for dynamic teaching and learning that lead to accelerated student performance and results.

About The Power Of The MityBilt Classroom Design And Furnishing Approach And Why It Is So Needed And How It Is Unique

At MityBilt, we understand and embrace the fact that in actual practice, properly and effectively planned and furnished classrooms of the future represent a physical manifestation of a very significant paradigm shift that takes time for teachers to feel more comfortable working with students in and for them to learn how to most adeptly configure the furniture in the way that caters to the learning style of each student, all at the same time.

Our design approach is grounded in a research-based methodology that starts with a holistic look at each classroom and how curriculum will be delivered to each student in them and the best way for the right type of furniture to support that, one classroom at a time.

Our process begins with a conversation that helps us to understand how your teachers work with their students in each classroom and your organization’s overall goals so that we can custom design each individual classroom to address that in the most effective way.

We can provide you with complimentary 3D renderings of proposed classroom furniture layouts and work collaboratively with you to visualize, design, and plan the best overall furniture configuration for each classroom, one classroom at a time.

About Our Customer Partnership Approach And What Makes It Unique

At MityBilt, we help our valued customers with much more than just a response to a request for proposal as we offer much more value in terms of the services that we provide at no extra charge. Ultimately, we look at our customers as partners and are with them every step of the way that only begins when we sit down to talk with them for the first time and continues on an ongoing basis after the furniture is installed as the customer support stays strong and consistent from then on.

When the furniture is delivered and installed, one or more of MityBilt executives will be onsite for the ENTIRE process to ensure that all products arrive as promised, that all furniture is assembled and working properly, and that all classrooms are set up as designed.

After the furniture is installed, one or more MityBilt executives will provide helpful question and answer and information sessions scheduled at your team’s convenience to help them embrace all of the different ways that the furniture packages can be configured in order to ensure that they and their students are empowered to utilize the furniture in each classroom in the way that’s best for each student.

At MityBilt, designing and furnishing the classroom of the future is only the beginning of the journey, and we are with teachers and administrators every step of the way.

About The Concept Of The Learning Studio And How Ergo-Dynamic Classrooms Of The Future Are Furnished

•Furniture that can be easily reconfigured.

•Furniture that allows students to learn in an environment that suits their learning style.

•Furniture that promotes collaboration with other students.

•Furniture that promotes peer to peer learning.

•Furniture that allows students to stand or sit at will and that prevents students from fidgeting.

•Furniture that promotes and embraces a learning culture and creates an atmosphere of educational


•Furniture that ultimately increases each student’s knowledge of all subjects being taught.

•Furniture that helps to increase a student’s sense of wellbeing.

We educate our clients on ‘21st Century Classrooms’ and why they are imperative and a must in this day and age as we must prepare students for the future, not for the past. Clients ultimately purchase classroom sets of customized products with varying degrees of reconfigurable and collaborative functionality based on their unique requirements.

A Concise Briefing On Why MityBilt furniture represents such a great long term value in terms of design, ergonomic comfort, quality of manufacturing, key reasons why it is so durable and flexible, and why we back it with one of the strongest and most straightforward warranties in the business.