Essential Reports for Teachers & Responsive Planning for Instruction


September 22, 2021

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Who is this for? 

Support Staff
Charter Leaders
Board Members

Details on this training:

This 1-day workshop includes both a morning and afternoon session:

Morning: Essential Reports for Teachers:

  • Learn to employ metrics from key MAP Growth reports
  • Meet individual student needs by identifying targeted instructional groups based on MAP Growth goal area performance data
  • Boost differentiation efforts by connecting groups of students to skills in the Learning Continuum

Afternoon: Responsive Planning for Instruction:

  • Use MAP Growth reports to gauge student readiness
  • Design responsive instructional plans by integrating standards, MAP Growth data, and local curriculum
  • Engage with topics of interest, such as formative assessment or flexible grouping, to deepen your understanding of instructional planning

Due to limited space, attendance is limited to 5 people per district.

Continental breakfast, beverages and lunch are provided onsite.

Parking is on the north side of the building - southwest corner of NW 14th & Harvey. Enter through the east door. Due to limited space, please do not park on the south side on 13th street unless you require accessibility for a person with a disability.

Rescheduling requests or cancellations must be made as soon as possible. OPSRC reserves the right at its discretion to assess a $75 fee to your district for cancellations not made in a timely fashion. We ask for your campus and supervisor/principal information so we can contact them with information in the event of an uncanceled registration.