WEBINAR: A Beginner's Guide to Joining the Hour of Code Event


November 14, 2018

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Details on this training:

Computer science education week is coming and with it, the Hour of Code. Find out how you can join the largest learning event in history!

Join Jean Potter and McKalyn Danner of OPSRC's Teaching and Learning team for this "Lunch & Learn" webinar to hear tips, strategies and resources for conducting a successful Hour of Code event in your classroom.

Sign on and stay for a few minutes or the entire time as we discuss tips for organzing the event, explore a few of the possible activities and give attendees hands-on time that will help you become more comfortable with coding for beginners.

We'll answer any questions you have about getting started, and you'll leave with ideas for all levels from pre-readers to students coding with Python...even some activities that don't require computers at all. This event will be recorded.

What will you create?