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The Oklahoma Teacher Leadership and Learning Cohort (OTLL) provides opportunities for experienced or master teachers to lead PD projects that enhance their professionalism and skills, extend their learning and share their expertise with others. The annual program is designed with the recognition that ongoing teacher learning is vital in supporting the goals of the Teaching and Learning vision: Learn Now, Expand Today, Use Tomorrow.

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Teachers who are currently working in the classroom can apply, as individuals or as teams, to undertake self-directed projects with their own unique learning and sharing activities. The program has three goals:

  • Support teacher professional learning;
  • Foster teacher leadership; and
  • Facilitate the sharing of exemplary practices with others for the broader benefit of Oklahoma’s students.

Teacher Professional Learning:

  • OTLL supports teacher learning and facilitates knowledge production by supporting proposals from teachers for innovative, self-chosen professional learning activities in areas that are meaningful to them.

Teacher Leadership:

  • OTLL fosters teacher leadership by providing all participants in the program with a Leadership Skills for Classroom Teachers professional development session that will help them develop the skills needed to manage their PD project and share their learning with colleagues effectively. The participants will then apply these leadership skills as they share their expertise of exemplary practices with colleagues.

Sharing of Exemplary Practices:

  • OTLL facilitates and promotes sharing opportunities for experienced teachers that will in turn benefit Oklahoma students. Within the context of their project, participants will share their learning and model their practices with others (online and in-person PD) via the OPSRC member platform.

** Approved and completed PD sessions will post to the OPSRC member platform. For each completed PD, there will be an “at-a-glance” synopsis that includes a description of the session, a list of resources and contact information for the teacher leader. These tools are intended to serve as a resource for OPSRC member schools, principals, and teachers to support future professional learning initiatives.

Who can apply for OTLL?

Experienced teachers from all Oklahoma schools, who want to deepen their learning in an area of their expertise

Teachers whose primary assignment is teaching students (e.g., classroom teacher, teacher-librarian, guidance counsellor, co-op teacher, department head)

Individual teachers or groups of teachers; groups must be teacher-led but may include other educational workers, such as education assistants, instructional facilitators and principals

Substitute teachers are not eligible to lead a OTLL cohort; however, these educators can provide extremely valuable input as team members. The focus of the program is on experienced teachers who have chosen not to pursue system level or administrative roles and therefore do not have the opportunities to share their knowledge and experience, as consultants do, for example

OTLL is meant to deepen professional learning for teachers or teacher-led groups that bring relevant background or experience to the topic. OTLL also fosters the sharing of the teacher’s or teacher-led group’s learning with colleagues. In this context, applicants will need to indicate what background and experience they bring to the cohort and:

  • demonstrate what their learning goals are
  • state how they will achieve those goals
  • explain how they will share their learning with others
  • school districts are encouraged to provide opportunities for participation in OTLea to as many different teachers as possible

The focus of OTLL is to provide opportunities for knowledge construction and personalization of learning that is developed by the learner and connected to their own “real world” classroom practice. As such, experienced classroom teachers are encouraged to collaborate with their colleagues to pursue their own authentic learning goals

Examples of PD projects are:

  • lesson study and creation of an electronic resource that can be shared statewide
  • implementation of innovative classroom strategies
  • deepening and sharing teaching expertise (e.g. math skills, fostering well-being)
  • learning about adapting new methodologies / technologies for students with special needs, ELL students and regular classroom students
  • opening the classroom to other teachers in your school or district (virtually)


  • OPSRC will compensate individuals or teams with $250 per finished PD project
  • Oklahoma travelling costs* (e.g.mileage in accordance with the OPSRC reimbursement rate policies)
  • *Applicants must always use the most economical mode of travel (Shared ride)

Ineligible costs

  • Resources unrelated to the project
  • Capital expenses
  • Additional qualification courses or academic credit courses

What are the PD selection criteria?

The extent to which the proposal is guided by the following five characteristics of effective professional learning:

  • Coherent
  • Attentive to Adult Learning Styles
  • Goal-oriented
  • Sustainable
  • Evidence-informed

The quality of the PD proposal

The extent to which the topic would have an impact on student learning and development and reflect OPSRC/district/school goals

The potential impact for the learning of participating and external educators

The potential of the plan for sharing with others in the school, district, and  OPSRC membership (i.e. the potential for replication and interest on a larger scale)

The extent to which the learning and sharing outcomes can be measured

  1. Completes the application form
  2. Obtains the principal’s signature on the application form to acknowledge that their support of the application
  3. Submits the application form before deadline
  4. The selected participants will be engaging in the following activities of the program:
  • Attend the Leadership Skills for Classroom Teachers professional development session to strengthen facilitation skills and explore effective strategies in communicating with adult learners
  • Carry out the activities as described in their PD plan
  • Agree to be contacted/surveyed, for evaluation purposes, by OPSRC representatives throughout the duration of the cohort
  • Share their learning and artefacts by participating in a community of practice through the OPSRC online PD plattform
  • If requested, provide support to future OTLL participants within their school/district
  • Participate in knowledge exchange opportunities in order to share their learning and promising practices with colleagues and other education stakeholders, in person and online
  • Document and conduct an analysis of their project and their learning
  • Complete OTLL Teacher Participant Final Report Form and submit it to OPSRC
  • Present and share results of their learning at OTLL debrief session
  • Share information and progress with their principal to facilitate school and state-wide sharing of their learning

  • Ensures that all experienced teachers in their school are aware of OTLL
  • Meets with OTLL  participant(s) to build a shared understanding of the project’s intended purpose, timelines, and activities and to better understand what the participant(s) wants to accomplish
  • Assists OTLL participant(s) in finding/contacting supports
  • Supports OTLL participant(s) in meeting project requirements (e.g., obtaining resources, sharing with other schools, etc.)
  • Encourages and assists OTLL participant(s) with their growth goals, strategies and timeline meeting them
  • Supports OTLL participant(s) project on an as-needed basis and facilitates opportunities for the participant(s) to share their expertise with colleagues

This committee is comprised of OPSRC Teaching and Learning Staff and OTLL cohort participants.

OTLLC will:

  • Review PD project applications submitted
  • Select PD projects, based on the selection criteria described in item 4 of this guidelines

Inform teachers of the selection decision in February.