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2020 Map Competition: Time to Represent Oklahoma!

2020 Map Competition: Time to Represent Oklahoma!

For the last 50 years, Esri has been perfecting geographic information systems (GIS) to plot data on maps to help solve real-world problems. Now, with Esri's free online software, students can learn how to use powerful GIS tools to represent the real world around them.

For the last few years, high school and middle school students around the country have been exploring their world and creating maps as they compete in the annual Esri National Student ArcGIS Online Competition. Unfortunately, Oklahoma did not have any students participate last year.

This year, though, the Oklahoma Office of Geographic Information, in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, is sponsoring a statewide competition for Oklahoma students to encourage them to participate and compete for the chance to be one of ten teams representing Oklahoma in the national competition. 

The contest is split into two divisions: middle school (grades 4-8) and high school (grades 9-12). Students can participate individually or in teams of two. The top 5 students/teams from each division will win a $100 gift card (split if team) and will move on to represent Oklahoma in the national competition. The winners of the national competition will receive a travel grant to attend the 2020 Esri Education Summit in San Diego, CA to present their map.

To learn more about how your students can expand their knowledge of the world around them and learn more about GIS software and how to compete in the competition, visit the ODOT contest page.

You can also visit the Esri competition site. To request the free ArcGIS software for your school, complete the form on ESRI’s website.

GIS software is just one of the many ways that Oklahoma students can use technology in the classroom to learn. To learn more about how technology can engage your students, contact me.

Kurt Bernhardt

Director, Technology

Kurt serves as OPSRC's technology director.

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