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And So It Begins: The Second Session of the 57th Oklahoma Legislature

And So It Begins: The Second Session of the 57th Oklahoma Legislature

The second session of the 57th Oklahoma Legislature begins Monday, February 3rd. We know that the transition into the spring semester and gearing up for state testing take a lot of your time and attention, but we also feel it is important for you to know about education issues circling the State Capitol. While rural schools have the most representation under the dome, they have the least ability to self-advocate due to time and distance. To address this, every Thursday watch for a legislative update from OPSRC that will go over the legislative issues of the week as well as touch on the bigger picture of public education in the state.

Session moves quickly, and we know you have a lot on your plate. Let us help keep you informed and assist you in making your voices heard. As you read through our updates and see an issue to which you can provide valuable insight, let us know! We can help you draft emails and contact your representatives and senators. Our first update will go out Thursday, February 6th, and it will highlight Governor Stitt's annual State of the State Address and some areas that will be on our radar this session.

Jacque Walsh

Director of Policy

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