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Closing Out Summer PD & Gearing Up for Back to School

Closing Out Summer PD & Gearing Up for Back to School

Our summer was a whirlwind of trainings, and back-to-school is gearing up to be the same!

The Teaching & Learning team kicked the summer off with a bang by training 150 teachers across the state in our Classroom Management Bootcamp! Kicking off the school year with strong procedures and systems in place as well as solutions for least invasive interventions and classroom consequences was our focus. We will follow up with a Classroom Management Booster in early October to support teachers with collaboration around problems of practice with structured group time and problem-solving clinics. If you’re wondering what’s next for our trainings, you can always visit to see our available trainings. As always, our trainings are free to our member schools. 

We are always so appreciative of the feedback and questions we receive at trainings, and we begin thinking of solutions to your needs as soon as we read them. As a direct result of questions and suggestions from teachers and administrators, we have exciting news to share! Through a new partnership with York College, we have created the OPSRC Fellows Program for member teachers and/or administrators who want to further their education with a Master of Education degree. Being a fellow within this master’s program qualifies students for a $15,000 discount, which makes the entire program only $5,000! If you enroll in this fully accredited, online graduate degree program, you will become part of a cohort with other educators from across the state. The program begins in January 2020 and is limited to cohorts of 20 individuals who meet the requirements. Fellows will be able to choose from three different Master of Education degree concentrations:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • School Counseling

If you or a teacher you know is interested in learning more about this affordable advanced degree program, please fill out this brief form, and we will promptly reach out to you with all the details. 

As most of you begin professional development with your staff, don’t forget about our NextThought Learning Management System, which houses all of the state-required training for support and certified staff. Your staff can participate in this any time, and it frees up the time you do have together to collaborate and work to meet school-wide goals. For more information on our NextThought platform, please visit And as a reminder, Tulsa Model New Administrator Evaluator Training and the Tulsa Model Recertification Training are free to all of our member schools. You can sign-up for an initial training HERE. For recertification training, you can access all your training materials and assessment online through NextThought here. You do not need to attend an in-person training for recertification. 

Cheers to a new school year! We can’t wait to learn alongside you this year! 

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