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Continued Communication for Relationship Building: 4 Things to Consider

Continued Communication for Relationship Building: 4 Things to Consider

As hard as you worked to get through 2020, now is not the time to get lax in your communication efforts. This goes for school and district leaders, support staff and classroom teachers alike. We must stay vigilant in looking after our team's needs and sharing accurate, timely information with our school communities. As COVID vaccines become available, schools begin returning to in-person learning and we finish out the school year, here are some guiding questions to keep in mind as you go about your routines:

  • Are you regularly checking in with your colleagues? Whether your school is in person or virtual, make sure everyone feels supported. If they are struggling, whether it be emotionally, with technology, fatigue or any other number of issues currently a part of our everyday lives, consider having a buddy system (if you don't already have one) so all staff members have someone to turn to when they need help, a quick chat or an emotional boost. Especially in a virtual setting, you don't want even one staff member feeling isolated.
  • Are you regularly updating your families and caregivers of your school's most up-to-date learning plans? If changes are forthcoming, give them as much time as possible so they can properly adjust on their end, and make sure you have an FAQ of some sort posted on your website, social media or otherwise available to them so you don't have to repeatedly answer the same questions.
  • Are there ways your community and public supporters can help? If so, share that information so people can offer financial assistance, donate goods/services or offer up their time to help ease your burdens.
  • Are you keeping a running list of what has and has not worked throughout the pandemic? Use these lessons learned to develop stronger strategies moving forward. Communicate these plans with your public so they can see your proactive stance in working to improve the learning experience for all students.

The actions you perform based on these questions will further strengthen team relationships and build trusting bonds with your community that will serve you well as we move forward.

Sarah Julian

Director, Communications

Sarah serves as the Director of Communications for the OPSRC. In this role, she provides support, consultation and training on a variety of critical tools and PR functions, including communication plans, social media policies, crisis communications, media relations and website content.

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