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Here to Help as the New School Year Begins!

Goodness it got hot! Sadly, it looks like the mild summer has ended. As the temperatures warm, the calendar turns to August and we head back to school, I hope you found time to rest, relax and recharge. 

Every school year brings its unique challenges. Let’s all hope it’s not to the level of last year. There are the inevitable twists and turns a school year brings. But each year is a blessing in the work that we do. The struggles are real, the challenge is hard but the journey is worth it for all the students we impact and all the thousands of interactions that make a difference--even the ones we never know about but they happened. 

As you go through the ebbs and flows of this school year, please know and remember that OPSRC is ready to help you in any way. Contact us anytime you need assistance:

Executive Director: Brent Bushey

Deputy Director: Pat McKinstry

Director of Finance: Andy Evans

Director of Communications: Sarah Julian

Director of Technology: Kurt Bernhardt

Director of Legal Services: Terri Thomas

We truly hope this is a special year, and we look forward to sharing in some of it with you.

Jason Midkiff

Director of Product Development

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