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Launch Month for the T&L Team!

Launch Month for the T&L Team!

February is a “Launch” month for the Teaching and Learning team as we distribute the 2017 Professional Development Course Catalog.

February is a “Launch” month for the Teaching and Learning team as we distribute the 2017 Professional Development Course Catalog. These catalogs will be mailed to each district and available on the OPSRC website as well. Besides the catalog, we will be publishing the 2017 PD Calendar.

On the calendar you will find not only the dates for our regional state-wide trainings, but we have color-coded date opportunities where we hope you might collaborate with other schools/districts in your area for a Collaborative Day. We are encouraging district to schedule more of these days because we feel your staff will see more value in collaborating and exchanging ideas and best practices from their colleagues in other districts. We believe much of the value of a professional day happens when teachers and school leaders are provided the opportunity to have conversations where ideas and best practices are shared. We already have our first Collaborative Day scheduled for August 7 in the panhandle.

We also know many of our members are having their 2017-2018 calendars approved either this month or in March, and we hope you will consider the Teaching & Learning team to be a part of your professional development plans.

Finally, we are launching our tiered English Language Learner professional development trainings, which are meant to meet your teachers' needs--from those who have no experience in this area to those who are wanting a more robust program. Contact for more information on ELL trainings.

Look for all of the new offerings coming soon, and please let me know if there is anything we can do to support you and your staff. You can email me at .

Have a great February. Stay safe and warm!

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