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New Online PD Site is Live + Strategic PD Plans

New Online PD Site is Live + Strategic PD Plans

Learn how to get into the new online PD platform and how we can create strategic PD plans for your schools!

We are always seeking to continually develop better professional development opportunities based on your feedback. As you may know, we rolled out a new learning management system for online PD based on your thoughts about what was working and what wasn’t. Your feedback has been so critical, and we thank you for voicing your needs and concerns. We listened and are excited to announce a new and updated NextThought platform for all your online learning.  

If you haven’t created an account on our NextThought platform, you can visit to access videos and instructions on creating your account and enrolling in all our course offerings.

If you have created an account on our OPSRC NextThought platform, your username and password will be the same. When you log in, you will notice some course pathways, specifically for support and certified personnel, as well as optional courses. If you completed a course in NextThought prior to March 25, 2019, we have kept track of your course completions and certificates. If you need any documentation, please submit a help desk ticket.

We hope you will like all of the new functions--you'll now have access to a chat feature, discussion board and sharing options that allow you to connect with other educators across the state. Distance is no longer a barrier for you to collaborate and share best practices!

We’ve also got a BRAND NEW solution to developing strategic PD plans! Gone are the days of 1-hour “sit and get” PD sessions that just don’t meet your needs. Do you prefer collaboration time with problems of practice? Tell us about it! Do you prefer webinars with experts? Tell us about it! Do you see a need for your school to improve in a certain area and build a strategy around that problem? Tell us about it!

Our District Professional Development Survey will ask you a series of questions to build your district’s “Strategic Professional Development Report.” In this report, we will outline which way teachers and staff like to learn best, what your PD priorities should be for the year and what YOU need specifically to be better at your job! Your voice will be heard, and you will have a say in the PD you receive. Your comments are completely anonymous, so please be honest--that’s what helps us grow.

After the April 15 completion deadline, our team will work diligently to produce a report outlining district priorities based on your feedback with suggested PD tracks. You will help drive PD at your school and throughout the state, as your feedback helps us create varied learning opportunities and a wider variety of content. Click HERE to begin!

Jamila MacArthur

Director, Teaching & Learning

Jamila MacArthur serves as OPSRC's Director of Teaching & Learning. In this role, she will lead the team to further expand quality professional development for public schools, including more robust online training offerings. She will also focus on strengthening collaborative partnerships with schools to further develop innovative strategies that increase student achievement. Among her many certifications, she was recently approved as a Summit Learning Certified Support Partner and as as a Tulsa Model Evaluator.

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