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Oklahoma Innovations Schools Information

Oklahoma Innovations Schools Information

The concept for the Oklahoma Innovations Schools is based on a Salt Lake City...

What is an Innovations School?

The concept for the Oklahoma Innovations Schools is based on a Salt Lake City, Utah blended personalized learning school founded by principal Kenneth Grover. The school model is designed with 4 cornerstones as its focus:

  1. All students should be able to learn at their own pace.
  2. They should be given the time they need to be successful.
  3. They should be shown the path which is best suited to their learning styles.
  4. They should be provided an appropriate place to succeed.

What does a blended, personalized learning school look like?

A student attends school each day between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. The district chooses the daily hours during which the building is open, while the student chooses the period within that timeframe to fulfill state-mandated seat requirements. When on campus, students will be involved in teacher-led student skill groups, study groups, a group project session, and they will also work independently on determined courses. Students meet weekly with their teacher mentor to monitor attendance, grades and course progress. All courses will meet the current Oklahoma course standards. The advantage to this model is that students can spend as much time as they need to master the material. Further, it allows students to customize their schedules to better meet their academic goals and use technology to remove the constraints of a traditional classroom.

What is the role of Oklahoma Public School Resource Center (OPSRC)?

OPSRCworks to bring this model to interested Oklahoma schools. A district agrees to implement this concept using our experts with fidelity to the model. OPSRC will support Oklahoma districts wishing to implement by bringing facilitators to your site for trainings, by providing media assistance, and by assisting with strategic planning meetings.


OPSRC services are free. The only other cost would be for a Learning Management System (LMS), and OPSRC can assist districts to research one that is best for them.

d to be ready to implement (board approval for implementation along with signed MOU with OPSRC) no later than April 1.

What are the advantages of the Oklahoma Innovations model?

  • This model uses fewer teachers due to economies of scale and individualized student pacing. As such, savings may be applied to the LMS.
  • Students are more engaged in their own educational goals.
  • Fewer suspensions and less disciplinary issues occur.
  • Students are better prepared for college and to be self-directed learners.
  • Students have a greater chance of earning college credit.
  • Schools experience higher teacher retention; teachers say they are “really teaching” in this model.


If you or your school district wants to hear more about the Oklahoma Innovations Schools concept,

  1. email
  2. call 405-314-2063.
  3. attend either a spring or fall one-day informational session at OPSRC.

What is the Oklahoma Innovations School timeline?

Any interested school/district contact at any time. We will be forming a cohort of no more than four (4) districts to go through the implementation process per year (beginning 2016). For an August implementation, schools nee

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