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OPSRC & Express Personnel: A Partnership to Benefit Schools

OPSRC & Express Personnel: A Partnership to Benefit Schools

The crew here at OPSRC is always searching for ways to help schools save on their expenses, an especially critical need right now.

The crew here at OPSRC is always searching for ways to help schools save on their expenses, an especially critical need right now. We have recently joined forces with Express Personnel to offer districts a solution that can help reduce some of the financial burden of personnel costs. Through this initiative, schools have the opportunity to hire part-time substitute teachers and staff (for 30 hours max per week) through Express Personnel.

So how does it work? 

Districts will pay salaries and a 26% markup directly to Express for these two employee categories. By funding these positions through Express, districts will receive several benefits:

  • Reduced administrative burden: Express will manage payroll and benefit needs for part-time subs/staff in OK school districts.
  • Checks and invoices are issued weekly.
  • Express covers workers' compensation and unemployment expenses.

So what exactly do these savings look like for schools? 

Here's a cost comparison using the example of a substitute teacher: 

But there's even more benefit to participating districts! One percent of Express's annual billings will be awarded to OPSRC & participating schools for a variety of uses:

  • OPSRC membership dues
  • Development of existing educational programs
  • Technology/STEM activities
  • Training stipends

So if this looks like something that could benefit your district or if you have additional questions, feel free to contact our director of finance, Andy Evans.

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