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The Power of Personalized Learning

The Power of Personalized Learning

Talk of personalized learning in Oklahoma

April was a month full of exciting work for the T&L team, but what really has impressed me the most is the commitment of all our members to bring the best education possible to Oklahoma's students while overcoming budgetary issues and other challenges.

I am sure that by now you have been inundated with articles, newsletters, team meeting discussions and over-the-table conversations about the “new” trend in education: personalized learning. I like to think I am a skeptic when it comes to new “fixes’” for education, but this time I FEEL it's different.

We just hosted "A Day of Personalized Learning" with Chickasha and Union City, during which we showcased their experiences implementing personalized learning at their campuses, and all who attended could see and hear the passion in the teachers and administrators who talked about what they are doing. But most importantly, attendees got to hear about the students' experiences and how this model has changed the way they learn.

To top it all off, the T&L team attended the Summit Spring Convening for the Midwest region where we listened to other teachers in our region who are experiencing the same successes and challenges with personalized learning. Being there and hearing how their passion for this learning model has reignited excitement for their craft makes it even more meaningful.

The T&L team is committed to supporting you in your journey to reignite your passion and find the solution that is right for you. Because of that, we are developing new ways to provide professional development to your faculty and staff while modeling what we are preaching. We are working on personalized PD to better meet your needs and most importantly, to foster growth among your teacher leaders and increase their potential. Our professional development includes in-person as well as online options and different levels of implementation of classroom management, curriculum development and technology implementation. I encourage you to take a look at our catalog and if you don’t see what you need, we can work with you to tailor our PD to your goals. As always, I encourage you to send me your feedback and any questions you may have at

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