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Personalized Learning Event: Empowering Students to Learn

Personalized Learning Event: Empowering Students to Learn

With education budgets continuing their decline and class sizes on the rise, it is even more critical to empower students with the ability to be in the driver's seat of their own learning and to empower teachers to serve in the role of learning facilitator.

With education budgets continuing their decline and class sizes on the rise, it is even more critical to empower students with the ability to be in the driver's seat of their own learning and to empower teachers to serve in the role of learning facilitator. Cue personalized learning. This model is increasingly gaining global traction because of its positive, powerful impact on students' learning: it encourages students to adopt a "take charge" mentality with regard to time of learning, pace of learning, place (a combination of digital and brick and mortar classrooms) and path (which courses to take that best suits students' needs/schedule).

No longer is it sufficient for a teacher to serve as a "sage on the stage" and the student to sit idly and absorb lecture content. Due to the onslaught of digital devices and 24/7 Internet, attention spans are shorter and students have access to an abundance of online information. This changes the game for the traditional educational model. Students don't WANT to sit through hours of classroom lectures; instead, they would prefer, with the guidance of an educator, use of diverse tools to scrutinize and synthesize information at their convenience and according to their schedule. What's the impact then? A lesser reliance on traditional school days, textbooks and classroom settings.

While a personalized learning model can be profoundly powerful for both students and teachers, make no mistake: transitioning to one is not an easy process. This model requires a detailed change plan, constant communication with all parties involved (staff, board members, students, parents, community) and an absolute commitment to its implementation. It is, though, deeply rewarding and can transform a student's educational experience into one that is personal, based on individual needs, with a student's goals and interests at the forefront. Now, with the guidance of national experts (including Ken Grover, founder and principal of Innovations Early College High School in Salt Lake City, UT), Oklahoma students are getting to experience the benefits of personalized learning, and OPSRC is here to assist more of Oklahoma's public schools in implementing this model.

On January 26 and 27, folks from Summit Learning and OPSRC will be in Tulsa to give districts not currently using a personalized learning program an opportunity to more fully understand what personalized learning using the Summit Platform is and what an implementation using this model looks like. The Summit Learning platform is a free model that provides support and resources to public schools to bring personalized learning—and the Summit Learning Platform—into their classrooms.

Please plan to join us on January 26 and 27 in Tulsa to learn more about the transformative model that is personalized learning. There is no cost to attend; all you need to do is register using the link on this flyer. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. We hope to see you there!

Brent Bushey

Executive Director

Brent serves as the Executive Director of OPSRC. As Executive Director, he is helping to establish the OPSRC and is responsible for building relationships with school leaders while also focusing on recruiting and hiring the OPSRC’s staff. This position is a return to his career “roots” as he began his career as a teacher in the New Orleans public schools on behalf of Teach for America and also served Teach for America as national recruitment director.

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