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Planning Summer PD & Creating Your Strategic PD Plan

Planning Summer PD & Creating Your Strategic PD Plan

Changes in our PD offerings based on what your staff needs!

Can you believe the school year is almost over? Just a few weeks remain with your students, and then summer begins! There’s a myth that educators “take summers off” while lounging by the pool, but OSPRC knows summers are when the real work preparing for next year begins. Summers are a time to reflect, plan forward and grow professionally: you'll spend your time seeking out PD that will help you be the best teacher or administrator you can for your district--in between shopping trips for school supply bargains, of course! And for all this, OPSRC has you covered.

Over the last month, we have requested feedback from schools across the state. We received hundreds of submissions, and we are excited to add additional options to our Online PD Catalog based on your responses! You overwhelmingly prefer guided group collaboration and half-day workshops to meet your needs. The hundreds of responses indicated a need for purposeful technology PD along with classroom management strategies. You’ll see more trainings added this summer to address these focus areas in Oklahoma City and Tulsa on our events page, but we are also happy to come to your school site. You can book online PD HERE.

If you are an administrator planning PD for your school or district, we would love to help you create a year-long strategic PD plan. Please reach out to us, and we can get the process started with you. Plans for professional development rooted in current practice and data will allow you to meet your school’s goals and ensure everybody grows in their role. In Edutopia’s 8 Tips for Highly Effective PD, Vicki Davis writes,

"PD should fit in with the long-term vision for a school or district. Some teachers groan about their district's "technology du jour" approach. Like the soup of the week, some districts don’t know which technology or technique they want implemented. It takes time to learn, practice, and improve teaching. With too many different initiatives, it can send mixed messages and frustrate teachers. Fit PD into the long-term plan.”

In addition, she shares how buy-in is critical to successful PD. “Without local acceptance, accountability, and follow up, teachers leave the PD class with continuing education units and not much else. Someone on staff needs to have responsibility for making sure that teachers use the technique and receive feedback in a way consistent with the PD.” We’d love to help you think strategically about your PD goals this upcoming year.

Our calendars are filling up for July and August, so please schedule soon. If you have any questions about our options, please contact any member of the Teaching & Learning team.

Jamila MacArthur:

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We look forward to seeing you all this summer! It’s our favorite time of year: we get to Teach & Learn right alongside you.

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