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Remote Learning with Seesaw

As you have been working with your students remotely over the last few weeks, you've probably tried a few new tools to connect with them. Whether it is Zoom or Google Meet to meet with students live or a learning management system (LMS) like Google Classroom to assign lessons, these tools have helped you keep some semblance of continuity with your home-based students. 

But have you heard of Seesaw? Were you using it before starting remote learning? Seesaw is one of several digital portfolio applications you can use to engage students in either a physical or remote classroom. I typically think of it as more of a tool for elementary and possibly middle school students; however, I have also heard from Oklahoma teachers using it successfully in high school classes. 

Seesaw is an easy to use program for both teachers and students. Teachers can create their own lessons easily or search the community site for ones created by teachers around the country. To complete the lesson, students connect to your class by a 6-character code or a QR code. Once connected, they complete the lesson by showing their work via a photo, drawing or video. Teachers can review students' work and can even securely share that work with parents/guardians.

To learn more about how easy it is to use Seesaw in your classroom, OPSRC has a course in our online PD platform. You can also view this instructional guide our intern Kashuan Hopkins created using Book Creator. 

Seesaw provides a free option for any teacher. However, you can choose to pay for a premium teacher account that allows you and your students to keep materials year after year. Schools can also choose to pay for Seesaw for Schools, which provides accounts for all teachers and additional benefits. 

If you have any questions about Seesaw or any general questions about distance learning, contact me

Kurt Bernhardt

Director, Technology

Kurt serves as OPSRC's technology director.

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