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Special Education Services During COVID-19

Special Education Services During COVID-19

Throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are still responsible for providing a free andappropriate public education (FAPE) to their students with disabilities. This includes special education and related services.

Distance instruction, if used, must be accessible to students with disabilities. Schools are given some flexibility in how they provide FAPE. Even so, be aware that compensatory services might be necessary when schools get back to normal operations.

Linked below are some special education resources that are the most current versions at the time of this writing. Please keep in mind that each day has the potential to bring about changes in both state and federal requirements.

Terri Thomas

Director, Legal Services

Terri Thomas serves as Director of Legal Services for OPSRC. Ms. Thomas is an attorney practicing exclusively in the area of Oklahoma school law, with a primary focus on rural and smaller school districts. Prior to OPSRC, she served as legal counsel for the Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools (OROS).

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