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State Requirements for Oklahoma District Websites

State Requirements for Oklahoma District Websites

In Oklahoma, there are three state statutes that provide requirements for school district websites. Schools/districts are required to have the following items posted on their websites:

Board meeting dates/times/place

Schools are required to post their board meeting dates, times and locations on their website. We recommend posting this information on a “Board of Education” page of your website along with your meeting agendas (see below).

Statute Reference:  74 O.S. § Section 3106.2

Board meeting agenda

Agendas can be posted solely at the main or “principal” office (or the location of board meetings if no principal office exists). This means agendas do not have to be posted online. See #9 referenced here.

However, as a courtesy to your parents and community, we recommend posting the agendas on your Board of Education page.

Statute Reference:  74 O.S. § Section 3106.2

Board member names

Schools are required to post a list of their board members on their website. We recommend posting this on your Board of Education page along with the position each member holds.

Statute Reference: 74 O.S. § Section 3106.2

Starting with the 2019-2020 school year, the state provides two options for reporting expenditures. Districts can provide a link to OCAS as stated in option one below, or they have to provide all 9 items listed under subsection C of 70 O.S. § 5-135.4 (option two below).

Option 1: Link to OCAS

According to the School District Transparency Act, school districts are required to either post a link to OCAS or post all items listed under Section C of the act (see option two below). We recommend you post a link to your OCAS site. You can go to this link and then click on your school and copy the address and then place it on your “Documents” or “Required Postings” page. NOTE: The link has to be on the home page or one click away from the home page. Any link in your main navigation would qualify as one click away.

Statute Reference: 70 O.S. § 5-135.4

Option 2: Subsection C of 70 O.S. § 5-135.4

If you don’t put a link to OCAS (see Option one above), your website must contain the following:

  1. Identification of the school district.
  2. The Oklahoma Cost Accounting System (OCAS) code designation for each expenditure.
  3. The name and principal location of the entity or recipient of the funds, excluding release of information relating to an individual's place of residence and release of information prohibited by subsection D of Section 24A.7 of Title 51 of the Oklahoma Statutes or by federal law relating to privacy rights.
  4. The amount of funds expended.
  5. The type of transaction.
  6. A descriptive purpose of the funding action or expenditure.
  7. The budgeted and audited actual expenditure figures for each fiscal year, ensuring each set of figures can be identified as budgeted or audited figures.
  8. The per-pupil expenditure as defined in Section 1-124 of this title.
  9. The total compensation package of the superintendent as defined by the requirements of the OCAS including a listing of the base salary, insurance, retirement and other fringe benefits including exempted nonadministrative services such as teaching in the classroom or serving as a principal, counselor or library media specialist pursuant to subsection E of Section 18-124 of this title.

    Statute Reference: 70 O.S. § 5-135.4

Bullying policy

Schools are required to post a link to their policy regarding bullying. Once again, we recommend posting this on your “Documents” or “Required Postings” page.

Statute Reference: 70 O.S. § Section 24-100.4

If you have any additional questions about your website in general or about these requirements, reach out to the tech team at

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