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Supporting You Through Personalized Learning

Supporting You Through Personalized Learning

What a whirlwind August was! Through conducting on-site trainings and regional professional days over the last month, the Teaching & Learning team was honored to teach and learn with nearly 2,000 educators across the state.

What a whirlwind August was! Through conducting on-site trainings and regional professional days over the last month, the Teaching & Learning team was honored to teach and learn with nearly 2,000 educators across the state. The good news is that we still have one more regional Professional Day of Learning in September for our members in southwest OK. Lock in your substitutes now because you won’t want to miss the PD on Writing in Every Classroom, Workshops/Workstations and Interactive Notebooks. Register here!

As crazy as it sounds, we are already thinking about how to best support you in developing your long-term vision for 2018-2019. Schools across the state and country have begun their personalized learning or competency-based education journeys, and we're so excited that more Oklahoma schools are interested in bringing this model to their students. To learn more about it, dive into our Personalized Learning Implementation Guide. OPSRC partners with schools to implement personalized learning or competency-based models through the Momentum Schools program. Momentum Schools supports districts in changing their students' lives by putting those students into the driver's seat of their own education. We currently support 18 schools across the state and are recruiting for our third Momentum cohort. To learn more about Momentum Schools and personalized learning, please join us for our upcoming Introduction to Personalized Learning & Momentum Schools event.

Jamila MacArthur

Director, Teaching & Learning

Jamila MacArthur serves as OPSRC's Director of Teaching & Learning. In this role, she will lead the team to further expand quality professional development for public schools, including more robust online training offerings. She will also focus on strengthening collaborative partnerships with schools to further develop innovative strategies that increase student achievement. Among her many certifications, she was recently approved as a Summit Learning Certified Support Partner and as as a Tulsa Model Evaluator.

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