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T&L Has All Your PD Needs Covered!

T&L Has All Your PD Needs Covered!

One of our goals is to make PD accessible and tailored to your needs. Creating innovative ways to support administrators, teachers and students is top of mind as we develop new offerings and possibilities. Well, you’ve spoken, and we’ve listened.

One of our goals is to make PD accessible and tailored to your needs. Creating innovative ways to support administrators, teachers and students is top of mind as we develop new offerings and possibilities. Well, you’ve spoken, and we’ve listened. This year, there are approximately 70 different offerings in our newest online PD catalog! You can look over our offerings and book your PD all on the same page.

In addition to our on-site PD, we now have an alternative for you! We know that travel costs, lack of substitute teachers and other school events make it hard sometimes to attend PD days. To address this, we are excited to announce OPSRC’s upcoming webinar series in February and March!  

It’s easy to register: just choose your event, and tune in from your location on the scheduled date and time. We have an impressive roster of education leaders, authors and speakers from all over the country ready to support Oklahoma educators' development. In February and March, OSPRC will offer the following webinars:

  1. Teaching Math to Title I StudentsTeaching Math to Title I students is brought to you by Alex Kajitani. Alex holds the title of California Teacher of the Year and Top-4 Finalist for National Teacher of the Year and is lauded for his motivating and innovative strategies that teachers can use to help ALL their student achieve in math. In this inspiring and engaging session, Alex will share high-leverage, easy-to-implement approaches to teaching math that any teacher or administrator can use to help students.
  2. Creating a Classroom of Reading Detectives: Teaching Nonfiction Comprehension in grades 3-8This interactive session is presented by Harriet Isecke, the founder, creator and CEO of Readorium and an award-winning author and educational consultant. Harriet’s session focuses on specific and practical methods that teachers can use to nurture nonfiction reading skills for middle-grade students.
  3. Literacy Tasks Students Do (and Not You!): Foundational Activities that Build Independent Readers and WritersNancy Akhavan, assistant professor in California State University's Department of Educational Research and Administration, offers suggestions for literacy tasks that get students learning better and faster by focusing on students "doing the doing." Participants will receive literacy tasks they can immediately implement in their classroom using nonfiction texts as read alouds or independent reading opportunities.
  4. Strategies for Developing Skilled ReadersJoin Jennifer Serravallo, acclaimed author and literacy consultant, for a discussion of her strategies for developing skilled readers. During the webinar, Jennifer will introduce her go-to book collections, explain how to best choose age-appropriate classroom books and share the importance of selecting books that reflect students so they can see themselves in the texts. She will also demonstrate how to read and prepare texts for the classroom and discuss specific reading strategies you can teach.

If you have any suggestions or requests for our Webinar Series, we would love to hear from you! Connect with our team by email:

We look forward to even more ways to teach and learn alongside you in 2018! If your district is interested in hosting a Collaborative Day where you invite surrounding districts to learn alongside your teachers for your August professional development, please reach out to Bianca Rose to schedule!

Teaching & Learning Always,

Jamila MacArthurDirector of Teaching & Learning

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