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T&L's Current Training and Meeting Plans

It's now August, and we are bearing down on the beginning of school. The first days are usually filled with different professional development opportunities or mandates to sharpen skills or add new tools to our existing teaching toolboxes. These sessions can be dreadful or wonderful experiences, but our goal is to provide you a variety of PD from which you learn but that you will also enjoy!

Due to the increase in COVID-related cases and in an effort to ensure we don't get sick and then unintentionally carry that with us to an in-person PD session, our team has decided to keep all our trainings in the virtual format for a while. We look forward each year to visiting schools and helping you prepare for the start of the school year, but we also want to do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy. We remain committed, though, to delivering needed PD as effectively and as often as we can.

To address your needs, we plan to offer our most requested pd’s multiple times each week for the first two weeks of August, including Google Classroom basics, Google Classroom intermediate and Google Classroom extensions. On top of those offerings, we'll have Integrating iPads and Chromebooks, Seesaw basic and advanced courses and other Google Suite products. We hope by offering more sessions, we can reach more of you. You can find and register for these sessions here.

Please remember we still have all our state-mandated trainings on our NextThought online learning platform you can take to meet your requirements. That same platform also houses many of the virtual trainings listed above, and you can access those at your convenience. We hope these new formats will meet your PD needs and help get the school year off to a great start. We look forwarded to seeing you again soon, and we will keep you updated on when we'll be returning in person.

Jason Midkiff

Director of Product Development

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