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The Constant Search for Positive Solutions that Benefit our Students

The Constant Search for Positive Solutions that Benefit our Students

Full house today in our offices with teachers receiving training on NWEA.

It’s a full house today in our offices--35+ educators are here to receive training on NWEA MAPS. Many of these educators drove over 2 hours to learn how to use data to effectively teach their students by better understanding where each of them is in his or her personal development. These educators are seeking positive solutions to how they can better engage their students, and I thank each of them for their efforts!

I am so encouraged and excited by this. I love that we are ALL continually trying new and better ways to help students all over our state become engaged. And speaking of getting your students engaged, there are over 500 Oklahoma students who are currently enrolled in a blended-personalized learning environment. OPSRC helped 4 schools implement this new model for the start of this school year. This learning model allows students to control their Time, Path, Pace and Pace. If this piques your curiosity, you have an open invitation to come hear Ken Grover, founding principal of Innovations Early College HS (Salt Lake City), lead a Day of Information on Personalized Learning on Tuesday, November 15.

But continuous professional development is not limited to teachers. We already have many of our member superintendents and administrative staff registering for the November 10 Superintendents' Advisory Committee.

It is so fun to watch my fellow educators eagerly signing up to broaden their horizons and learn to expand their skill sets.

Thanks for making me proud to be a part of such a great profession!

Have a good week!

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