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What will we get next? It seems like every week the state announces another free offering for schools. While the additional resources are helpful, it can be hard to what is being offered and who can access what. Let me try to help a little. 

Exact Path is a product from Edmentum. The reading and math programs are offered for free through the State Department of Education. Exact Path uses diagnostic testing to create individualized learning paths for students based on the Oklahoma Academic Standards. Schools can also upload NWEA or Renaissance scores to build learning paths. For teachers, it has an easy-to-read dashboard to let the teacher know exactly what standards students have shown mastery on or are struggling with and need targeted intervention.

The State Department of Education also just announced Imagine Math will be free for 5th and 8th grades. This program builds problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding with support from an online, live, certified, bilingual teacher. This is a great platform to help students at home when a teacher can’t be accessed at all times. 

Governor Stitt's Learn Anywhere OK initiative brings districts and families some great options. Edmentum provides the digital curriculum, which delivers adaptive curriculum, research-based assessments and holistic educational services to schools and districts across Oklahoma. All districts can access 6-12 digital curriculum for free. But the initiative also allocates money for each district for Edmentum's K-5 digital curriculum & fully virtual K-12 instructional services; schools can check their allocation amounts here. For K-5 course listings, click here. For 6-12 course listings, click here.

While I wish all these programs would have rolled out in the spring or early summer and accessible from one location, the fact is that together, this is an impressive list of programs that schools can use (almost) all for free. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will make sure you get access to the program you need. 

Jason Midkiff


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