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T&L Resource Updates

T&L Resource Updates

New and improved resources available now!

I'm not sure about you, but my inbox is flooded almost on a daily basis with new ideas for content delivery, new ways to build our students’ academic vocabulary or new engagement activities. These are wonderful to receive, but to find the time to actually implement these can sometimes be overwhelming. And while I truly believe you, the professional educator, have a desire to continually polish your trade, keeping up with fast-changing pedagogical landscape can be exhausting.

Knowing and experiencing this, the Teaching & Learning team has worked this past month to expand OPSRC Pinterest boards with current topics you can hopefully use tomorrow in your classes. The Pinterest page, which has 20 boards, is organized to help you get maximum use with minimum effort. At the same time, it allows us the capability to share resources more quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the Teaching and Learning team has watched our attendance numbers grow for NWEA trainings, so we are adding two more days of training this school year: May 31 with the topic of Informing Instruction and June 1, where we will focus on "train the trainer" for school leaders. This means that when your staff then come to our in-depth trainings, you will have already covered the basics with them, and their questions will be more robust.

Finally, if you haven’t received your hard copy of the 2017-18 OPSRC Professional Development Course Catalog, you can access it on the website. We hope you use this information to plan your PD trainings for the 2017-18 year once your school calendars have been approved. It’s never too early to contact us to schedule your FREE PD trainings for next year. As always, if you don’t find a topic that covers your district's needs, we will customize one for you.

I look forward to hearing from you, and have a safe Spring Break!

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