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Tuesday Solutions: Evernote, the Elephant on your Phone

Tuesday Solutions: Evernote, the Elephant on your Phone

Yes, I know, I am later than usual posting but I do have a good reason.

Yes, I know, I am later than usual posting but I do have a good reason. OPSRC is hosting workshops presented by Dr. Lloyd Sain today and tomorrow. If you have not heard Dr. Sain, you are missing out! His workshops today and tomorrow deal with coaching for administrators – helping adminstrators to coach, mentor, and guide effectively. At any rate, I have been busy making sure things were organized and going smoothly (and enjoying listening, once again, to Dr. Sain).

In case you have missed it, Teaching and Learning is hosting a webinar on April 8 about our new favorite app, Evernote. If you have ever felt the need to streamline and organize your life, Evernote may be the answer. This FREE application allows me to save notes and reminders on all my different electronic devices and sync them they don’t get lost. I can organize the notes into notebooks, set reminders, share notes with others, or invite others to  chat and collaborate on notes or notebooks. The notes can be simple reminders, notes I typed at a meeting, pictures, screenshots, audio reminders, or even an entire webpage.

Because we have found Evernote to be so helpful, of course, we would like to share with you. We’ve chosen to feature Evernote on our 2nd ever webinar. You can sign up to attend the webinar by going to and requesting a ticket. This will allow us to know you want to attend so we can send you a link to join us for a virtual “lunch and learn” next Wednesday from 11:30 to 12:30. We will be using Google Hangouts to share our new skills, our screens, and, maybe, a sneak peek at our very first Teaching and Learning videos. Please join us…

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