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Upcoming Learning Opportunities to Choose From

Upcoming Learning Opportunities to Choose From

I hope your school year is off to a smooth start. No telling the chaos this year brings, but I know there is no profession to better handle it than educators.

Here are a few upcoming events that we have scheduled.

One great feature we have is our weekly Tech Talks series hosted by our technology department. There are over 20 archived videos and new ones come out most weeks. Some of the tools they have covered so far include Nearpod, Flipgrid, Kahoot and Jamboard. Since they are archived, you don’t always have to catch them when they are live. So if you're already using a product and want to find a way to better use it or have wanted to learn more about a program this is a great way.

Another great session we have scheduled is for administrators and instructional coaches: Leadership Coaching for High Performance conducted by the amazing Dr. Sain. I can’t recommend this enough. I have personally gone through several classes with Dr. Sain, and it is transformational each time. In this seminar, you will learn about the key elements of effective leadership, coaching language and coaching behaviors. Here is a flyer on what all this 4 day seminar covers. 

I hope you will take advantage of one these great opportunities. Don’t forget to also check out our online content if you haven’t already. We have great on-demand courses there and all your state-mandated needs as well. May you have a blessed and amazing school year. Talk to you soon!

Jason Midkiff

Director of Product Development

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