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Upcoming PD Opportunities

I am getting really excited about the different PD opportunities we have coming up in the near future. I know our team is really excited about putting together some new trainings as well. 

One of the first ones I want to mention is for teachers who are interested in or who teach geography. OPSRC was awarded a National Geographic grant last fall. The grant is used to create lessons that adhere to the Oklahoma Academic Standards and use National Geographic resources to create dynamic lessons. The teachers who have created the lessons will present them on April 15th. You can register here.  

We are still accepting applications for middle & HS teachers for our Professional Learning Program (PLP). If your school plans to offer coding courses in 2021-22, please encourage interested teachers to apply.

The PLP is an intensive, year-long event for those interested in teaching CS Discoveries or CS Principles courses. This program is designed to prepare educators to provide high-quality instruction based on the curriculum, tools and approach. Best of all, NO prior computer science experience is needed to get started! 

Teachers who apply and are accepted are required to attend a 5-day, virtual summer workshop on June 21-25, 2021 (CS Discoveries), and July 12-16, 2021 (CS Principles). 

I hope you will take advantage of these wonderful opportunities. 

Jason Midkiff


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