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World of Work Week: Innovate, Investigate and Accelerate with OK Professionals!

World of Work Week: Innovate, Investigate and Accelerate with OK Professionals!

Join us for the OPSRC World of Work Week October 27-29

This is a free, online event for students to learn from professionals who

Innovate, Investigate and Accelerate in our state!

The OPSRC World of Work (WoW) Week doesn’t happen often, so now is the chance for your students to explore careers and connect directly with professionals in a variety of fields. FutureLink Oklahoma will host WoW Week. This site is designed to provide students the opportunity to virtually connect with professionals through industry chats, customized teacher requests and an extensive video library. The World of Work Week industry chats this October will include opportunities to learn about:

  • Aerospace industry basics with Boeing
  • Manufacturing and classroom skills connections with AAON, a Tulsa based HVAC manufacturer
  • Effective communication processes with the provost of Tulsa Community College
  • Data and analytics with OG&E’s director of business intelligence
  • Investigative journalism with Ben Felder from The Frontier

One recent example of an Oklahoma school using FutureLink OK to introduce their students to someone from a particular career field comes from Whitebead Public Schools. A teacher joined the platform and created a custom request on the writing process for her fourth-grade classroom. She was matched to Tom Rogers, a novelist and screenwriter for Disney. Tom talked to the class about what it’s like to create stories for both print and the big screen, including content about his own novel Eleven. He wrote this novel to teach kids about the tragedy on 9/11 and how to find and be heroes in their communities. Check out this short video outtake of their session below. The fourth graders at Whitebead not only learned about writing and story creation, but they also explored history and social emotional skills.

We hope you use WoW Week to test drive an industry chat of your choice FOR FREE! The best part is, your students can take part in the event no matter where school is happening. The platform uses Zoom, and a secure code sent after you sign up. Check out the current line up of chats here and keep checking as more are added. Simply click “Learn More” to register, and follow the prompts to set up your account. Whether you choose a chat for your students or they choose for themselves, this promises to be an event not to be missed.

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