Recovery to Reinvention

We are in the midst of the greatest global crisis in decades. The impact on education has been staggering. COVID-19 has forced us into an unprecedented moment where innovation isn't a luxury of the future, but a necessity of now.

We don’t yet know what school will look like on the other side, but we believe the choices we make now will have a major impact on how future learning unfolds.

OPSRC has partnered with Transcend Education to launch a new effort to help Oklahoma's schools Respond, Recover and Reinvent.  

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This work is on immediate emergencies: basic needs and trauma. From day one, schools have been ensuring students’ basic needs are met, executing distance learning, offering emotional support and communicating with families.


The focus of this work is about healing, recouping learning loss, restoring community, reflecting on lessons learned and deciding to either resume school as usual or rethink aspects to improve.


This stage depends heavily on what schools choose to do as they recover. In this period, schools can choose to reimagine schooling by examining lessons learned from the ways they adapted and changed to meet students’ needs. 

What would it look like to seize the potential of this moment? By completing this survey, you can help direct us to support you in the most meaningful ways.

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