School Design Center

What is the School Design Center?

Oklahoma Public School Resource Center’s (OPSRC) School Design Center will support communities in reimagining what school looks like. Participants will develop their own personal leadership, research best practices in education, and work with their community to design a new school. Teams that gain authorization for their school plans will receive continued support from OPSRC experts for two additional years, the planning year and first year of implementation.

When will the School Design Center launch?

Recruiting potential school leaders and community leaders for the cohort will begin the last quarter of 2021 and first quarter of 2022. Cohort interaction will begin March 2022.

Who can participate?

  • School Leaders who have worked in either charter or traditional schools and are looking to develop a new school site for their community.
  • Teachers who are interested in developing new schools for their community and working either as a founding teacher or developing into a school leader.
  • Community Members that know their community needs a new kind of environment and are dedicated to being a part of the founding board for a school.

What type of schools can be developed?

The School Design Center is interested in all kinds of public schools including:

  • Newly created autonomous district schools
  • Partnership schools with a school district
  • Conversion district schools
  • Charter schools

School Timeline

What is the next step?

Fill out the Statement of Interest by February 11, 2022

For more information contact: