Jordan Doerfel

Jordan Doerfel
Operations Coordinator

Jordan serves as Operations Coordinator for OPSRC and provides internal support and assistance to all branches of the team. In this capacity, she is primarily concerned with enabling others to perform their jobs to the best of their ability; however, she is readily accessible at all times to all members and non-members who would like to contact OPSRC for any reason whatsoever.

Jordan is a native of Norman, Oklahoma and has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma in Letters. She has had a lifetime love affair with academia and education; she has privately tutored others since junior high, and she dreams of one day pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mythology & Folklore.

“Question: What's the most important appliance in your house?...It's the toilet. And I am the toilet of this office. I flush away annoying problems so others can keep their hands clean. And, just like a toilet, I am essential.”

-Gabe Lewis, The Office Season 8 Episode 11