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Education Technology

Technology informs today’s school environment from the administrative level to individual student devices. OPSRC provides consulting and professional development services in this constantly changing area. Our technology staff can assist with members’ issues at both the district and classroom level. Through Tech Talks and Tech Titans, we have an expanding library of efficient training on today’s most popular classroom tools and most pertinent EdTech topics.

For more information about our technology consulting services or to request professional development, please contact us at

Tech Talks

Tech Talks are 30-45 minute lessons on some of today’s most popular classroom tech tools and hottest topics. You can join Tech Talks live on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All of our previously recorded Tech Talks are available in the Archive. You can view them whenever you want and as often as you need.

Do you have an idea for a future Tech Talk topic? Let us know!

Upcoming Tech Talks

Tech Titans

Tech Titans is a monthly webinar series that highlights local EdTech innovators and makes national technology speakers available to Oklahoma schools. Each month, August through April, speakers will tackle EdTech’s most timely topics and share strategies that can be used in your district. Tech Titans webinars are free to attend and previously recorded sessions are also available for free in the Archive.

Do you have an idea for a future Tech Titans topic? Let us know!

Upcoming Tech Titan Webinars

The Archive

Welcome to the archive! Here you can download slides and watch videos from any of our previous Tech Talks and Tech Titans webinars. You can contact us with questions or requests for help. Our team is available for virtual or in-person training sessions.


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