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These vendors offer high-quality professional development & onboarding, curriculum, tutoring, and supplemental resources. The resources can be used to meet your district's unique problems and needs.


If you're interested in learning more about how any of these products could benefit your school or district, or if there is a product solution you are searching for, contact Jason Midkiff, Director of Learning & Product Services.


bamboo learning logo.png

Bamboo Learning

A voice-enabled, ESSA Level IV certified, literacy solution that enables students to verbally engage in thousands of literacy activities and helps teachers scale comprehension assessment.

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Course Libraries

Offers over 250 middle and high school electives, career exploration, and career technical education course options. Usage is based on each individual single course enrollment or an individual student enrolling in any number of course titles during the school year.


Youth Development 

All the lessons have been designed to engage students in areas of personal development, social-emotional learning, life skills, 21st-century skill-based inquiry and global consciousness. These lessons are built to have students think critically and share perspectives.

Learning Blade logo.PNG

Learning Blade

Has interactive online lessons, teacher lesson plans for 5-9 graders (includes STEM & Computer Science), and CTE careers while reviewing OK academic standards.

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Course Catalog

Addresses the diverse learning needs of all K-12 students through a multimodal design. When used in blended/virtual settings, the courses enable educators to design an education program that fits their vision for learning.

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CTE Courses

Offers real-world learning opportunities while helping prepare students for future career paths. All courses in the CTE catalog are designed to be implemented within both virtual and blended programs.

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Computer Science Essentials

Blends unplugged learning activities with block-based programming. Grade 3-5 students will learn core digital citizenship principles and introductory computer science knowledge.

Game Development Foundations

Uses cross-disciplinary, project-based modules to teach 6-8th grade students core Unity coding skills and offers a direct path to the industry-recognized certifications.

Web Development Foundations

Enables grade 6-8 students to create impressive project portfolios by using popular and relevant web development technologies including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript ES6, Node.js, SASS, Mocha, and more.

newsela logo.png

ELA Curriculum

Complement your ELA materials with more relevance, choice, skills practice, and more. Bring lessons to life with engaging content and standards-aligned lesson supports built for ELA classrooms.

Science Curriculum

Integrate science and literacy according to new standards, support hands-on instruction with background knowledge and real-world connections, and engage every learner in the wonders of their world.

Social Studies Curriculum

Take the pain out of finding, differentiating, and matching content to social studies standards with engaging and vetted texts, sourced from world-class content providers.


Reading and Math Solutions

Designed for K-12 and adult students with diverse reading & math skills and instructional needs.

SchoolsPLP logo.png


Provides online curriculum for full time virtual, credit retrieval, acceleration/remediation, and blended learning online curriculum for grades PreK-12th grade.


eDynamic Learning logo.jpg

Professional Development Options

Offers virutal, hands-on, and video-based training that is delivered by and for educators, supports different pedagogies, and uses research-based teaching strategies.


Educator Workshops

In-person and virtual training designed for classroom management, SEL for youth and adults, communication and facilitation, leadership, team building, leadership and youth development.


ClassHook Logo.png


Helps K-12 teachers spark classroom discussions using a library of over 7,100 educational scenes from popular TV shows and movies and a suite of interactive tools including live discussions, clip comparisons, and more.

Edpuzzle logo.png

Edpuzzle Pro

An easy-to-use platform allowing you to engage every student, one video at a time. Unlock the power of videos through simple editing tools and dazzling student data.


Kid Grit the Book

A collection of 25 authentic, soul-searching stories from students across the nation. Inspiring stories for youth by youth. Appropriate literary content for 7-12th grade.


Virtual Reading Coach

An effective online reading program that improves reading abilities. It permits students with diverse skills and unique needs to read with control and precision.


Screening Solutions

A group of online and easy assessment programs. They test basic reading skills, math skills, and for dyslexi for a single student, a classroom, an entire school or a district.

Smart science ed logo.png

Virtual Science Labs

Helps schools implement science education that may not otherwise be able to provide due to budgetary or staffing limitations. Offers one-on-one science coaching and aid in creating a plan to roll out virtual science labs in your classroom.


remind logo.png

Communications Hub

Remind Hub helps schools and districts meet all of their mass communication and classroom communication needs. They empower the staff to communicate and collaborate with their entire school or district.

remind logo.png

Remind Tutoring

Gives families, schools and districts a flexible option for expanding learning opportunities with certified and retired teachers via remote and synchronous learning.


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