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Oklahoma Public School Resource Center envisions a quality public education for every child in Oklahoma. Our mission is to drive transformation and increased academic achievement within Oklahoma's public education system.
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2020 Map Competition: Time to Represent Oklahoma!

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Celebrating Holidays in Public Schools

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How Do You Tell Your School's Story?

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Activity Fund Policies: Time to Review Yours?

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Happy Halloween from the OPSRC team!

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Professional Development & Training

Regional NWEA Event: Informing Instruction

You have MAP® data— discover how you can use it as a powerful tool to maximize growth and learning for all students!

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High Structure High Love Pt. 2

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Tulsa Model New Administrator Evaluator Training: New Evaluator Certification 2-DAY TRAINING

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Write Your Own DLT Grant Workshop

Come learn how to write your own distance learning & telemedicine grant. Bring your laptop!

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What Schools Are Saying

Dewayne Hampton

Asst. Principal, McAlester High School

McAlester High School has benefitted greatly from OPSRC's offerings. Through our partnership, McAlester HS designed and now delivers curriculum for a blended, virtual AP US History course. And we're now seeing tremendous support for this program from students and parents. OPSRC also helps us provide professional development to our teachers both on site and through online courses, which has saved our district substantial amounts of money. Thanks to OPSRC, we have seen significant growth among both our students and faculty.

Chris Bryan

Superintendent, Justice Public Schools

Our district membership with the OPSRC has been money extremely well-spent.  We have received services and assistance in professional development, online training, and personalized learning that have been directly applicable to our needs.  I would encourage every district to utilize the services available with OPSRC membership.  As the old commercial states, "membership has its privileges..."