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Artificial Intelligence

This webpage explores the use of AI in learning environments, offering insights into how these advanced technologies are not only enhancing traditional teaching methods but also paving the way for new, more effective forms of education.

From personalized learning experiences to intelligent tutoring systems, AI in education promises a future where learning is more accessible, engaging, and tailored to individual needs.

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Ultimate Generative AI Glossary

To learn more about Generative AI, view this extensive list of terms for generative as well as general artificial intelligence. We learned about this glossary from the girls STEM Club at Fullers Library.

AIPRM’s Ultimate Generative AI Glossary

Highlighted Tools

These are just some of the AI Tools that are currently available. Check back often as this list will likely change frequently. If you have tool suggestions, please send them to


Khanmigo is an AI-powered tutor and teaching assistant developed by Khan Academy. It provides personalized, 24/7 tutoring using Khan Academy's extensive content library. Khanmigo is designed to help users learn more effectively and deeply by offering tailored learning paths based on their history and interests. This innovative tool is available for a subscription.


An all-in-one AI platform specifically designed for K12 students and teachers. It features built-in monitoring and controls for educators, aiming to give them the resources, data, and tools necessary to craft a more personalized and improved learning experience. The platform is freely accessible to teachers and promotes the creation, personalization, and engagement of educational content and activities.


Copilot by Microsoft is a non-education specific generative AI tool. It can generate text as well as images based on text prompts. It's designed to enhance productivity and creativity by providing a straightforward way to create custom text and visuals from textual descriptions.

 Additional Tools


This section is a collection of tools, articles, tutorials, and other resources on generative AI. This page will be updated regularly. Please check back often.

The U.S. Department of Ed as well as some states have begun creating guidelines for the use of AI in education:




Other AI Resources: There are so many things coming out rapidly, it's almost too much. Here are some things that have not been reviewed thoroughly, but might be of use. Let us know what you think at

Do you have a suggestion for an AI resource to add to this page or comments about any of the ones featured? Let us know!


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