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Products & Partnerships

We know saving money is a major concern for Oklahoma schools. That is why we strive to form partnerships with companies that bring value to our members. We vet our partners to ensure that you get the highest quality products and services at an affordable rate. And because your needs can change, we are continuously researching new products to help your schools.


If you're interested in learning more about how any of these products could benefit your school or district, or if there is a product solution you are searching for, contact Jason Midkiff, Director of Learning & Product Services.


Catalyst Education Fund

CEF allows private donors and businesses to support innovative academic programs in public schools and receive state tax credits. A longer commitment equals a higher return: 50% for a one-time donation or 75% for a 2-year commitment.


Discovery Education

Discovery Ed provides timely, relevant content and useful teaching tools all in one place. OPSRC members receive a $500 discount.


Edmentum is a leading provider of online learning programs designed to drive student achievement for academic and career success. Discounts are available for OPSRC members on certain products.

Edpuzzle logo.png


Turn any video into a dynamic lesson.More than 500K schools worldwide, with more than 25M interactive video lessons. OPSRC Members receive a 5% discount to Edpuzzle.

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Garland is a full-service manufacturer who can support schools with design and engineering for the roofing portion of any upcoming projects.

GreenWatt Lighting logo.PNG

GreenWatt Lighting

Greenwatt's kid-centric lighting solution is focused on providing a system of supports for kids through the dynamic transformation of the classroom using their lighting and control systems.



K12itc (In the Cloud) supports the technology needs of school districts nationwide with internal IT resources. Districts typically save 10-15% compared to their current provider.

Lakeshore Learning

Teaching supplies designed with learning in mind. OPSRC members receive a 5% discount and free shipping on all orders of $150 or more.



MindPlay’s adaptive technology assesses each student’s current reading level across your school or district, then assigns a personalized curriculum to support targeted growth. OPSRC members receive large group discounts regardless of district size.

munchits logo.PNG


Feeds kids nutritious food that's  100% reimbursable through CACFP. With 10+ meal options and weekly deliveries, they provide a third meal to your students and are approved by OSDE.

Newsela logo.png


Newsela has relevant, accessible content that supports state standards and real-time instructional decision-making. Their vast library of content has safe, vetted, and accessible texts.



NWEA offers assessment tools, including MAP Growth. OPSRC members are eligible for significant subsidies within the first 3 years.


Parent Square

Easy-to-use products that aid in parent-teacher communication.

OPSRC members enjoy an exclusive 3% discount on some of their best products.

Simmons Bank

Cut costs, eliminate paperwork, expedite delivery and improve cash flow with a Simmons Bank purchase card.

TalkPath Live

TalkPath Live is a leading telehealth provider with supplemental services for schools. Live online therapy sessions fulfill IEP requirements, and OPSRC members receive a 5% discount on multiple types of therapies.

Waterford Learning Logo.PNG

Waterford is a national education not-for-profit dedicated to providing high-quality educational resources to children, families, communities, and partners.


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